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If you are interested in the making and history of the dolls, please scroll down to Yvonne's doll workshop!

You may be overcome by wanderlust and memories of people who have touched you....

or you would like to give others a special treat and tell a story about it...

or you simply want to buy a beautiful individual decorative object that makes you smile?

With the purchase of a doll, 2 euros go to our fund for financing a training place with Yvonne for mothers with handicapped children.


We have special conditions for kindergartens and primary schools. We are also happy to help with the development of pedagogical concepts! 

Yvonne's Dolls Workshop

Here the dolls get their filling of water-repellent kapok cotton.

Then they are sewn up well.

Chef Yvonne and her crew provide the lively facial expression. 

Interview with Yvonne 

I had the great fortune to complete a 3-year training as a dressmaker with a woman who herself had a disability. Through this training I was able to become independent and started my own small business.

It is important to me that the people who work with me enjoy their work. When asked how we manage to conjure up this saucy expression on the faces of the puppets, I can only say that it is our own joy in life and in our work that is reflected here. 

My aim is to offer mothers of disabled children a possibility of financial independence. My dream is to establish a centre to give these mothers and their children a better life. Here in Togo, it is unfortunately still the case that many of these mothers are rejected by their husbands and families. 

It is also important to me that the tradition of the doll makers continues. It is an old tradition and every culture in Africa has its own way of making dolls - ours shows the friendliness and joie de vivre of the people here, which we would like to share with the world!

Then the hair comes on the head.

And finally everything is strictly controlled. 

That is real teamwork!