Lolovivi that are:

Binta Boussim

My name is Binta Boussim. I have been living in Togo for a few years. My parents are from Burkina Faso, but I was born and raised in the Ivory Coast. Therefore, I know many African countries and cultures.

I work as a singer and love African handicrafts. In my spare time I design accessories for children and adults.

Lolovivi shows that Africa is able to offer beautiful and high quality handicrafts. Especially in textiles, bright colours are conquering the fashion world more and more.

At Lolovivi, I am responsible for design on the one hand and for purchasing on the other.

Corinna Gläser 

My name is Corinna Gläser. Having grown up in Africa myself, I have been travelling to various African countries for a number of years on a professional basis and notice on every trip how rapidly this continent is developing. 

I particularly enjoy being in Togo. It was here that Binta and I developed the idea for Lolovivi and implemented it together.

I believe that Africa has a lot to offer. The best development aid is simply to buy products that are made by local craftsmen. At eye level. 

At Lolovivi, I am mainly responsible for sales and marketing in Germany.


Togo is a state in West Africa with the shape of a narrow towel on the Gulf of Guinea. The small country has about 8 million inhabitants and many different ethnic groups, with the Ewe making up the majority of the population with about 40%. 

Handicrafts play a major role in Togolese society. In the central market of Lomé, the capital of Togo, you will find streets full of small shops selling handicrafts from almost all of West Africa. 

Togo also has a lot to offer in other respects. First of all, of course, the fantastic location by the sea with its kilometre-long sandy beach, changing landscapes, very good food and the friendly Togolese people who welcome you with open arms.

Many thanks to our models: Alicia, Bastian, Benita, Charlotte, Claude, Diana, Eloise, Eric, Giovanni, Juian, Maude, Nala and Viyané