We want to colorize you!

For everyone who loves individual colorful fashion and accessories!

Colourful variety in our hand-sewn jackets and dolls. 

All colours are beautiful and mixing colours is fun. There is no "right" and no "wrong" and instead of dividing everything apart, we mix with and mix up everything together to create something new! 

Our products:

Waxprint Batik

All bomber jackets are sewn individually and by hand by our cooperation tailors. 


Aklala Batik

Jackets made from hand-dyed fabric by Aklala Batik. All jackets are individually sewn by our cooperative tailors.

Faso Dan Fani

Jackets made from hand-woven fabric from Burkina Faso. All jackets are individually sewn by our cooperation tailors

 The dolls

Abla, Ella, Pablo and the other dolls can be found here! 

 Bags & Accessoires

Here you will find our range of bags and accessories!